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IntelliFITNESS Healthy Business

intelliFITNESS™ Healthy Business

intelliFITNESS™ Fitness Club Software is at the forefront of delivering integrated solutions for the health club industry internationally. We believe that healthy clubs, with healthy members, communicating freely with each other is the way to build long term relationships and everyone gets value.

intelliFITNESS™ uses web technologies where it makes sense, and we hold your data secure, enabling you to concentrate on the management of your health club.

We developed intelliFITNESS™ Healthy Business - because club management is a whole lot more than just a billing system, it helps you communicate with your prospects, members and partners, and ensures that group fitness, personal trainers, dieticians, spas, yoga, child care and other facilities and services use one integrated system to track the total member experience.

Tracking the total management of the club or gym from an integrated system means you know which areas are profitable, how your sales team is performing, what contributions you are getting from your different services, and you can track your quality and member satisfaction.

While the well being of your members is why you are in business, intelliFITNESS™ Healthy Business ensures that the clubís financial health is in good shape too.

If you have great reports about your operations, that can translate into superior service. Your retention will improve, and members will bring new members to enjoy the experience, and grow the REVMEM -revenues per member, a key indicator of how well the club is being managed.

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